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Why do I Need to Lock PDF Files with Password?

Portable Document Format used in both professional and private environment to keep sensitive and confidential information. Sometimes it becomes necessary to lock PDF or secure PDF files depending on the martial or information it contained. For example if you are into selling e-books online, you have to know to best practices to secure PDF files online. And in case if you don’t pay attention to secure your PDF files, you will soon become the victim of online piracy or other malpractices for sure.

Similarly if you’re someone who regularly sends confidential information to your clients in PDF documents then what would happen if all that information in PDF file snatched by someone. Certainly it would not be a very good situation to face. You can avoid such situations as well if you lock your PDF files with proper password protection. Now you must be curious to know about the way to lock PDF or secure PDF files. If yes then continue reading.

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How to Lock PDF Files without using Adobe Acrobat?

lock pdf processIf you ask that how to lock PDF files? The first and obvious answer would be Adobe Acrobat. Using Adobe Acrobat you can easily lock PDF files and prevent unauthorized access to your PDF document. But the hard truth is that not everyone can afford to expensive Adobe Acrobat software. But no need to worry as there are other third party tools are available as well to easily lock PDF files. One such tool that we would like to introduce is Protect a PDF.

Protect a PDF is an easy solution to Lock PDF files instantly. With this tool anyone can secure PDF files with both user password and permission password. It is a perfect as well as easy solution lock PDF files from every type of unwanted access. Protect a PDF tool offers two types of password protection to lock PDF files:

User Password Protection: With user password protection you can secure PDF file from opening by unauthorized users. If you lock PDF file with user/open password, no one would be able to open it or view it without entering the correct password.

Owner Password Protection: If you lock a PDF file with owner or permission password then the certain functions like printing, editing, extracting, commenting etc. will get disabled.

Key Features of PDF Locker Tool

An independent utility; doesn’t require Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to lock/secure PDF.

  • Lock PDF files with both user and owner password.
  • Lock multiple PDF files with batch processing feature.
  • Lock PDF documents from 40bit RC4 to 256bit AES encryption.
  • Interactive and user friendly GUI.
  • Supports all Windows OS: 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7 systems.
  • Supports all versions of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader.
  • Maintains data integrity and file formatting of PDF file.

Download Trial Version of PDF Locker

Users can also download the free evaluation version of this tool and lock PDF files absolutely free. But the trial version of the tool is for evaluation purpose and will leave a watermark sign on secured PDF file.

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